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Nowadays Internet plays major role in our life. I found it on the Internet that we are spending several hours daily working on many popular websites like facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Skype, but did not know how to make money while working on the internet. Now we are sharing few tips know how to make money on-line in spare time based on experience. We Shall keep you updated with new tips on this page so go ahead. Please do share your own ideas in the comments!

About Us

Tipswale.com was launched in the year 2015, and since that day, there has been no looking back. The main vision of this website is to bring forward the chances of an individual to gain tips to something productive. And this site is not only about providing tips, but also an array of ideas and resources- and this has been gathered with a lot of experience and skill.

About the Founder:

Shakti can be traced back to his business oriented family and he has been a long time software engineer whose main concern has been to engross in a business venture encompassed around the prospect of entrepreneurship. He initiated I this field when he was in his first grade- and he ceased to stop ever since. He had a stark idea about thinking about the ways of making money online, and that is the time when he thought abut opening the forum of Tipswale so that a lot of people could gain the privilege of it. His first job was for the Freelance work website tweaks and later on he moved on to make websites and designing them. As of current times, Shakti is making a standard income out of this online money making program which is gradually progressing towards a six figure earning.